Mystery and Misery

by the Painted Road

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This album was made between 2013-2014. It was produced in various bedrooms and garages in Santa Cruz and Oakland, CA.

This album is dedicated to Peter Korringa, this would have never happened without him. Glad that we got to create this together. Love you dude.


released April 12, 2016

Brandon Hodges: Vocals, Harmonies, Guitars (all except Untitled_3), Ukulele, Piano, Percussion, Electronics, Synths, Drums (all Electronic drums, Social Gathering, Impending Sense of Doom [Instruments], and Your Emotions), Bass (on all but Untitled_3 and Sunny Waves), Recording, Mixing, Composition, Lyrics, and Cover Art.

Peter Korringa: Wrote, arranged, & composed Untitled_3, Drums (except electronic, Social Gathering, Impending Sense of Doom [Instruments], and Your Emotions), Bass (on Untitled_3 and Sunny Waves), Guitar (Untitled_3), Glockenspiel (Untitled_3).



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the Painted Road

the Painted Road began after a long love for music inspired me to start playing guitar in early 2012. I have since began exploring other instruments and recording. I'm influenced largely by the sounds of Woods, [early] Modest Mouse, Daniel Johnston, and Atlas Sound.

Thank You for listening.
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Track Name: Social Gathering
i'm trying
i'm trying
i'm dying
i'm dying

seasons change
the way you look at me
i lay
stare up at the ceiling
changing always
will you be there?
will you be there?

i'm trying
i'm trying
i'm dying
i'm dying
Track Name: Untitled_3
thank you for making me the way that i am
i'll never forget you so we'll always be friends
in some way i'd say it's okay but you don't agree and it's sad you see
i don't think in the right ways sometimes
i don't know what to think, who cares
what they think what do they really have to say
i want to dance on rooftops, i want to glide away

take me, take me away
to that special place

i'm sorry that i'm too deep
i'm sorry that i'm sad and weep
Track Name: All of the Humans
all the people looked sad and scared
all their faces blurred the same
please sir, i don't want to meet you
please sir, don't tell me your name

break you, you'll break me
second to you and first to me
thank you, leave here now
never see you, let me know how
Track Name: Song for You, Love
i wish you would
say its true
but the feelings
lost inside of you
cause you're not where i'm at
love of mine
i can't make you feel it
but i'm trying

is this hopeless, baby tell me
try to slow it down but i'm at full speed
am i everything, that you need
i'm begging you to believe in me
Track Name: Moving in the Silence
softly in the dim light it’s you
you move into the silence
everything i want can’t be true
i am trapped and caught by you

burned and my ashes are scattered
i have a feeling none of this mattered
we were temporary, we were fleeting
i still hear the sound of your breathing

i was blind, i felt it too much
you knew it and you used it
you win and now i’m crushed
i can’t have everything i want
Track Name: Lover
with your blue eyes
you look at me
iv'e found security
someone special
near to me
how did i get so lucky?
Track Name: Sunny Waves
fantasy, look at me
haunting my dreams
get away
i wish i could
facing you
go away

people, don't please me
i don't want them
pretending is tiring
just let
me fade

away, away, away, away
away, away, away, away

trying to please you
failing i know i do
please just leave me
please just go

away, away, away, away
Track Name: Your Emotions
i let the sound affect me
oh i let vibration sound
i let her frown affect me
oh i wept like a clown

my face dribbled drab
my long fingers barely held on
i heard the sound in the hall
i sounded it out i found

nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing
Track Name: Face Like Yours
never did i think i'd see a face like yours
a face like yours
Track Name: Mystery and Misery
keep me up
take me there
here i am
waiting near

torture me
kill my soul
bury me
there i go
haunting you
i'm so sorry
you still
won't hear me

you're so full
of mystery and misery
i want something easy
Track Name: A Short Story
a ship was found today
all alone at sea
the captain is never supposed to leave
but they weren't there this time
no they were lost

untied the rope from the escape boat
took the paddle in hand
moved away from the past
it had become a sluggish tar pit
it needed to be cut loose

it was an infectious deadly, deadly disease
that almost took their life away
the lighter boat made for an easier time
long gone that giant ship, long gone the tar pit

expecting, waiting, hoping
but it never came
they found the vessel inviting
but home was still on the front of their minds
they couldn't forget

they pondered their descent
would they let the gods decide?
take it on their own time?
it wasn't getting better,
would it ever change?

they sat,
Track Name: Constantly Clouded
three shades of grey, i see i feel in always
constantly, constantly clouded

these drugs are louder than your voice
tv and coffee, make your choice

dipping down, follow the path
always, always, i'll be the last
Track Name: The Man by the Sea
i saw a man sitting far away from me
he looked like he'd travelled into infinity
sitting next to the broken waves
he bobbed his head and screamed away
the passing people all stared and looked at him
he smiled back ceased yelling and grinned

the eyes were blacker than no stars or moon
and the dim light covered none of the room
the small shadows reflected the gloom
a monster creeped out of his pocket
he ignored it then shot off like a rocket
Track Name: Lullaby
friend of mine
friend of mine

i sing you the lullaby
as you fall asleep
as you dream
oh as you scream

in your nightmares
oh where do they come from
friend of mine

will you listen, lullaby?
will you hear, the lullaby?

friend of mine
friend of mine
Track Name: All of the Humans (Bonus Sped Up Version)
all the people looked sad and scared
all their faces blurred the same
please sir, i don't want to meet you
please sir, don't tell me your name

break you, you'll break me
second to you and first to me
thank you, leave here now
never see you, let me know how