Everyone is a Child When They Sleep EP

by the Painted Road

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Big thanks to everyone at the Pearl St. house for putting up with my noise. And thank you to everyone who has or will listen to any of my music, you are all awesome. <3


released September 7, 2013

Lyrics, Vocals, Instruments, Composition, and Recording by Brandon Hodges.



all rights reserved


the Painted Road

Twisted folk music by Brandon Hodges.

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Track Name: If I Didn't Cry
I'm in the world alone
Soon I hope I find someone
Special to bring along
Someone to call my own
To be there for long
The hard times
To help me stay strong
The kind of love
I have never known
A sweet melody
That makes you cry
Listening to songs
As the time flys by
She said I always cry
I want to find
The one who doesn't mind
If the tears fly
Cause what kind
Of human would I be
If I didn't cry?
Track Name: Crazy for You
Here I stand, vulnerable to your decision
Will you make the one, will you make the one that will be best for us
I don't know, I don't see that we will agree

You said you felt it too
Why can't you see through
See through the feelings
I understand
Maybe I'm not the one that you feel you need
Maybe I just expected too much
Maybe I just need you more than you need me

It's a fantasy, it's a fantasy I'm living
And I have too many god damn visions

That can't, that won't ever come true
And I'm crazy

I'm crazy for you
I'm crazy for you
I'm crazy for you
Crazy for you
I'm crazy for you
Track Name: Outsider
Swirling mystical fun is much better when you're alone
For when you are alone no one knows what goes
Goes on, what goes in, in your mind, what goes on
Writing until the rising sun don't care about anyone
No one I need I will be fine by me just one seat please

She left me I am wasted I made the mistake I faked it
Too much too much and she knew it
She she she rose above it
He he he has her in his arms I know it
I I I will have another girl soon
I I I just hope that I won't blow it
Maybe this will be the one and then I can show her
All that I am all that I have to give I am just a funny funny kid

I just feel like the outsider always looking in
I'm around all them I feel I have to pretend
I'm really trying, I'm really trying, I'm really trying to be one of them
I can't, I won't, I can't I won't, I can't I won't, I can't I won't, It'll be me in the end
Track Name: Destroy My Memory
Days seem the same
Drugs working on my brain
I went crazy when you left
Life is a complete mess
Under a rug, I wish you were swept

No amount of words or cries
Will bring you back to my side
Did you lie? Did you lie?
Did you lie? Did you lie?

I'm sick over you
I want to erase you
I want to sedate me
I want to destroy my memory

My self medicating isn't working
I'm still thinking of you
Cut you loose I'll do it soon
I tell myself knowing it's not true

Goodbye, goodbye dear
The visions once clear
Have shattered into fog
I'll shut off, for you I'll long

I'm sick over you
I want to erase you
I want to sedate me
I want to destroy my memory

I want to destroy my memory
Track Name: Trap Crap
Wearing the freshest fits
That you don't know about yet
And when I'm done with it
I burn it, while you return it
Get your money back
I let mine stack
I'm high like the trees
Living amongst greed
Makes me feel I need
To be a little lifted
Constantly drifting
Through my own mind
On my own hype
Don't got the time
For the sorry haters
In my life want to gut em
Remove them all
Throw their heads
Down the long hall
Out of my mind
Out of sight
Just in the right
Place they need to be
I'm lifted I feel freed
Rhyme late night
Alone think about you
You make me feel right
Even when you aren't there
I wish i could share
All of this with you
But I don't know
If you're ready
If you feel it too
Enough with that
I want to move
On with my life
All this bullshit
All this negative strife
It's just life I guess
Glad to be blessed
Track Name: I Want To Dance on Rooftops With You
Sitting here contemplating life
Oh how I wish you were by my side
I don't know if I remember how to survive
This kind of heartache these strange vibes

You've got me a short shoe string
I'm dragging along how far will you pull me?
Will I ever get off, am I stuck here?
Waiting around for something that'll never appear

I want to dance on rooftops with you
Just me and you to each other true
My better half you will not be
Because one plus one does not equal three