Simple Music EP

by the Painted Road

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released March 29, 2013

Lyrics, Instruments, Composition, and Recording by Brandon Hodges.



all rights reserved


the Painted Road

Twisted folk music by Brandon Hodges.

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Track Name: Nature
Little fishes
Swimming around
In that tank
I'm god
To them
So they think
They're wild
They're free
But only as
Much as
I want
Them to be

Plants and water
Are all the same
They're no different than
The human being

My blood
Runs because
Of the bees
My lungs
Are filled
Because of trees
You think
I'm crazy
You should think
Like this
Sometime maybe
You might benefit

Trees and birds
Are all the same
They're no different than
The human being

We know
More about
Space than sea
Everytime we
Go there
We discover a
New species
That place
Largely a mystery
Much like
Out bodies
Nature's perfect complexity

Flowers and sunshine
Are all the same
They're no different than
The human being

Dance around
Lilly pads
In the pond
Mr. Frog
On top
That's not safe
A hawk
Swoops around
The frog's letdown
I laughed
Nature's funnier
Than this town

Rocks and space
Are all the same
They're no different than
The human being
Track Name: Sing
Don't worry about anything
Just sing if you wanna sing
Sing if you wanna sing
You should sing
You should sing
You should sing
You should sing
Track Name: White Jeep
I still think about you every now and then
Six years ago when I met you through a friend
We smoked pot in the park and laughed in the heat
Soon after you became number one to me
Yeah you're just one of the coolest girls I ever did greet

And I would pick you up in my fancy white car
To Berkeley, San Francisco, a parking lot wherever we were
It didnt matter no it didn't matter to me at all
Cause you were something so much more ahhhh

We were two years apart but who really cared
We would uh get high in the back seat
And oh baby the leather would squeak
Through a veil of smoke you screamed
You yeah you were just so special to me

I wonder what kind of place you're in as of now
And where did your life go where are you hanging around?
And do I ever come across in your thoughts?
Or as times moving ahead am I long forgot?
Track Name: Feelings
Sometimes this loneliness is more than I can bear.
How can I stop asking myself the impossible question of when will someone be there?
Love opened its door at the wrong time.
But how long until it returns?
How long will I be fine?
Abrasive as I can be I know there's someone for me.
But where are you?
I'm shouting out.
How can I move along from scars of the past?
How many more excuses can I craft until there's no more?
How many times until I'm not rejected or scorned?
If you're feeling lonely, here's a seat for you.
Lets commiserate cause these feelings don't go away easy, there's the truth.
Nothing more i want than your presence in this room.
Lets just make the move.
Shove this in the corner bury it in our stomachs.
The knots large lets try to untie it. Yeah.
Can you see it in the shadows?
That monster from my nightmares creaks and howls.
Here it comes again, that old familiar cloud.